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At Paul James Healthcare Recruitment we understand that all Practitioners are different, and have specific working requirements that are unique to their own personal situation. If you want five Locum shifts per week, or one Locum shift per month, or if you are looking for that next Permanent role, we have you covered. Competitive rates, weekly payments and an Agency who will listen to what you actually want. Whether you are new to the world of Locum work, or have been doing this for years, we are here to understand your personal requirements – and to help!

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How to register

Step 1:
Register your interest via the registration form. Alternatively, email or call us to speak with the recruitment team. The team will listen to what you are looking for, and will then discuss any suitable work.  

Step 2:
If we have work which is of interest to you, we will begin the compliance process – you will be assisted with this every step of the way. If you need to update mandatory training or your DBS, we can help with this.  

Step 3:
You are now compliant and ready to be booked in for shifts. Welcome to the Paul James Healthcare family!


Timesheets should be submitted every Monday by 11am at the latest to, for prompt payment the same Friday (for Locum work completed the previous Monday to Sunday). We support Ltd Company, Umbrella and PAYE payment methods. For a copy of our timesheet please download below.



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